Features and Top Brands of Indoor Soccer Shoes for Women

Indoor Soccer Shoes for Women Features of the Top Brands

Why Should You Get a Pair of Womens Indoor Soccer Shoes?

There are at least three differences between soccer (or football) as played in an open field and its indoor counterpart. For indoor soccer, the teams are smaller in size, the game is held in a smaller court, and the players step and run on an artificial surface. As a natural consequence brought about by this synthetic field, the shoe requirements are also different. You cannot use soccer cleats and must instead have a pair of shoes designed specially for indoor surfaces. These shoes are called indoor soccer shoes, and they provide that much-needed traction on indoor Astroturf surfaces.

What Should You Look for in Indoor Soccer Shoes for Women?

For you to make the perfect purchase, it is important that you understand the features of indoor soccer shoes for women, and how they affect your performance.

What are these features?

– Light weight
Shoe manufacturers understand a player’s demand for explosive speed when in court. That is why all indoor soccer shoes are deliberately engineered to be ultra-lightweight. While most of these footwear weight around 1.2 pounds, you can always find a pair that weighs less than this number. This all depends on how well-engineered the brand is.

– Traction for indoor surfaces
One of the bases of good indoor shoes for women is its traction patterns. The traction should withstand all kinds of conditions and must be suitable for all types of turfs and surfaces. For some sports brand such as Nike, customers have the option to choose between two types of outsole patterns: turf, which is ideal for turf surfaces; and flat-bottomed, which is designed specifically for wood or hard soccer fields.

– Snug fit
The best shoes must give the feet a snug fit. To achieve this, you must consider not only your shoe size but more importantly, whether you have “regular” or “wide” feet. Most regular feet suit indoor soccer shoes. But if you have wide feet, you may want to find a brand that provide customization services.

Top Brands for Indoor Soccer Shoes for Women
Based on customer feedback and reviews, the following are the top brands to consider when getting yourself a pair of womens indoor soccer shoes.

  • – [easyazon-link asin=”B0098Y4YGA” locale=”us”]Nike Mercurial Glide III iD[/easyazon-link]
  • – Adidas Women’s Matteo VIII Indoor Soccer Shoes
  • – Kelme Michelin Star360
  • – Munich Gresca 606
  • – Joma Dribling Indoor Shoe

These¬†Indoor Soccer Shoes for Women are the preferred choice of professional players, and they are known for their excellent features. For instance,¬†[easyazon-link asin=”B00APMYMHK” locale=”us”]Munich Gresca[/easyazon-link] is prized for its vulcanized rubber sole.

Indoor Soccer Shoes for Women