Types of Nike Womens Soccer Shoes

Nike Womens Soccer Shoes Classification

There are several classifications of Nike womens soccer shoes. “Cleat,” for instance, is a term used to describe a pair of shoes that has fasteners or studs attached to its outsole for maximum traction. “Indoor soccer shoes” are another type of soccer footwear that has a well-engineered rubber sole and is used mostly in indoor, artificial fields. And then there are “spikes,” which can be likened to cleats, but the difference is that spikes have sharp metal studs.

But if you check out the website of Nike, these shoes are classified according to the surface they are intended to be used in. These are the following.

  • – artificial grass
  • – firm ground
  • – indoor court
  • – soft ground

1. Artificial Grass Soccer Shoes
Artificial grassĀ Nike womens soccer shoes. are created for turfs made from synthetic grass called AstroTurf and other plastic pitches. Since Astro turfs are a lot harder and more difficult to navigate through than real grass, artificial grass shoes are needed to prevent injuries while providing the wearer the necessary speed, comfort, and control.

Below is a list of some of the best-selling artificial grass soccer shoes for women.

  • – [easyazon-link asin=”B00D4OKL80″ locale=”us”]Hypervenom Phantom Artificial Grass Soccer Cleats[/easyazon-link]
  • – Tiempo Legend IV AG
  • – [easyazon-link asin=”B00ANBQQJK” locale=”us”]CTR360 Trequartista III AG[/easyazon-link]
  • – Mercurial Glide III AG

2. Firm Ground Soccer Shoes
Shoes for firm ground surfaces are designed to address the requirements for a natural football pitch. From the shape of their cleats up to their traction patterns, these shoes are engineered to provide the wearer with utmost control, speed, and agility in all types of conditions.

Some of Nike’s best firm ground soccer shoes include the following:

    • – Mercurial Vapor IX FG
    • – Mercurial Veloce FG
    • – Mercurial Victory FG

3. Indoor Court Soccer Shoes
Indoor soccer shoes are created to suit the traction requirements of indoor soccer fields such as futsal surfaces and artificial grass. Instead of studs, these footgear have a rubber outsole that are contoured to provide maximum traction on an artificial turf.

Here are some of Nike’s top-rated indoor court soccer shoes.

      • – Mercurial Glide III IC
      • – Mercurial Victory IV

4. Soft Ground Soccer shoes
Soft ground shoes are shoes that suit the demands of thick grass areas and muddy surfaces. Some of the best-selling SG shoes at Nike include:

      • – Mercurial Vapor IX
      • – CTR360 Trequartista III SG
      • – Mercurial Veloce SG-PRO

Though there are different types of soccer shoes, the goal remains the same, and that is to give you complete control, have explosive speed, and to give your feet that much-needed comfort.

Customize Your Soccer Shoes
As a leader in sports wear, Nike gives women soccer players a reason to love the brand even more. Aside from the wide variety of soccer footwear to choose from, you can freely customize your shoes to fit your specific requirements.

For traction, for instance, you choose from among any of the following plates.

      • – FGC traction (for traditional outdoor soccer field)
      • – SG traction (for wet and sloppy surfaces)
      • – AG traction (for artificial ground or turf)- Hybrid traction (for mildly soft fields)

Aside from that, you can also customize the base, quarter, swoosh, heel swoosh, lace, and heel id according to the design that you want.